Concrete Imaging (GPR) Locates Rebar, PT, and Conduits in Denver

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Colorado recently completed a project for Fransen Pittman Construction in Downtown Denver. The old Video One building was being remodeled in order to become a community center. A new feature of The Center was the installation of a new elevator. The elevator was to be placed in the middle of a post-tensioned slab. In order for the elevator shaft to be cut out, all the PT cables had to be located so they could be de-tensioned prior to saw cutting. Traditional concrete x-ray would have taken considerably more time to finish this task so the contractor chose to use GPR technology.

GPRS of Colorado came out to the Denver site multiple times to mark out the location of the cables and rebar in the slab on multiple floors. As you can see in the image to the right, the GPRS technician on site was able to accurately mark the location of not only the post tensioning, but also rebar and conduits in the slab.

Jason Schaff is the Regional Director for GPRS Colorado, to schedule a concrete survey he can be reached at (303) 945-5415 or