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3-D Utility Scanning and Investigation at High School - Tampa, FL

Ground penetrating radar was used to locate utilities and other obstructions in multiple locations at a Tampa area High School.

This survey pattern used was 5' spacing between the scans to ensure the areas were covered sufficiently. GPR was able to locate underground utilities running in and around the areas surveyed as well as underground storage tanks (USTs). Additionally, we performed a 3D scan for a 20’ x 20’ area directly over a group of chiller lines that where found in the school parking lot.

3-D Utility Scanning

Above are two separate views of the chiller lines taken inside of the 3D grid area. On the left side is a top down view of the grid area. The white areas are the chiller lines running directly through the middle of the grid. On the right side is a cross section of the ground looking back towards the school. Each of the four bright white peaks represent one of four chiller lines running through the grid at approximately 4’ deep.

3-D Utility Investigation

Utility Locate in Tampa, Florida

GPRS Locates Underground Utilities

Above are several visualizations of the chiller lines with 3D modeling. The red tubes represent the actual chiller lines and the different views illustrate how they correspond with the bright white peaks that were viewed in the earlier images. The slight waves in the tubes are due to slight variances in the soil and an uneven surface. Once again, using the depth measurement on the left side of the images, you can see that the chiller lines are approximately 4’ beneath the surface.

* Special Note:
3-D scanning is not suitable for all soil types.

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