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Castle Rock, Colorado Post Tension GPR Scan

Fransen Pittman Construction, who is known for their expertise in church construction, recently contracted GPRS of Denver to assist on a project at St. Francis of Assisi Church in Castle Rock, Colorado. Anchors needed to be installed in the slab for future walls/columns. Prior to drilling the contractor had GPRS use the concrete imaging process to map the location of the embedded post tension tendons.

Concrete Imaging Process

There were many areas that needed to be checked prior to drilling into the reinforced slab in Castle Rock. Ground Penetrating Radar (sonar) was the only real option to locate the tendons. There was only access to one side of the concrete, and the job site was active and a work stoppage due to radiation was not possible.

Colorado GPR Scan

GPR data is processed and plotted onto the concrete surface in real time. The concrete imaging process is also able to give a depth to each cable/rebar as well as the thickness of the concrete slab.

Colorado Post Tension Scan

Other capabilities of ground penetrating radar include: location of sub surface air voids in Boulder, precise mapping of rebar in Aurora, X-Ray of concrete to locate post tensioning in Colorado Springs, finding conduits within and below concrete as well as underground utility locating in Fort Collins.

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