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Concrete Scanning of Hollow Core Concrete in Denver

During renovations to the Charlotte J Godsman Elementary School in Denver, Mark Young Construction ran into a hollow core concrete slab in the way of new bathroom penetrations. GPR was the perfect technology to locate the tendons and hollow cores within the concrete. This was an active job site with deadlines to meet over the summer break so a shutdown of portions of the building for traditional concrete x-ray was not an option.

The GPR technician on site marked out the center line of the tendons in the slab as well as the center line of the hollow cores within the slab. The contractor was instructed to core drill on the center line of the hollow portion in order to stay away from the tendons that were in between the hollow portions.

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is capable of scanning hollow core slabs, x-raying slab on grade, imaging post tension reinforced decks, scanning composite decks and most other types of concrete structural slabs in Colorado.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Denver would be thrilled to assist on you project prior to saw cutting or core drilling. Contact GPRS today to schedule a survey or obtain a quote.



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