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Concrete Scan (GPR) in Aspen, CO
Locates Post Tension Strands

Mark Young Construction needed to locate post tension cables and rebar stirrups prior to drilling thru-bolts at the City Market store in Aspen, Colorado. Metal plates were being installed on both sides of the existing structure so the technician on site scanned the concrete in all the areas that would be a concern.

Concrete x-ray in Aspen would not have worked for this particular project. Customers were shopping on the other side of the beam and the store could not be shut down on order for a scan of the concrete to take place.

The grocery store was able to remain open during the concrete scanning process in because GPR does not emit any sort of harmful radiation.

GPRS was able to locate the rebar stirrups as well as the tensioned cables. Data was marked on the surface in real-time.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems is a GPR service provider with nationwide coverage. Our tech's can locate rebar in Grand Junction, map conduits in Glenwood Springs, mark the location of PT cables in Steamboat Springs and find underground utilities in Vail.

Locate post tension cables in Aspen, CO

Locate rebar stirrups in Aspen, CO

Concrete Scan (GPR) in Aspen, CO

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