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Concrete Scan at Qwest Facility in Helena, Montana

GPRS has recently mobilized to several Qwest Exchange Stations across the Mountain Region to x-ray concrete prior to cutting/coring to run new data lines. Concrete Scan in Montana by using GPRS is a great way to locate conduits, rebar and utilities with no radiation.

This Qwest facility in Helena, Montana could not interrupt operations to clear out personnel for an x-ray of the concrete so GPRS was called in to assist. Concrete imaging is the only way that is logical to locate the rebar and conduits in Helena. Radar scanning emits no radiation while looking for the cables and conduits in concrete floors, walls and concrete beams. GPRS Mountain Region is able to perform a survey of this type in Spokane, Boise, Helena, Billings, Missoula and Bozeman. Please contact GPRS with any questions you may have at 303-945-5415 or

x-ray concrete prior to cutting

x-ray concrete prior to coring






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