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Conduit Locating Company - Watertown, SD

Conduit Locating CompanyMuth Electric was renovating an Alltel building in Watertown, SD and need to have the precise location of any conduits running in or under the slab on grade so job could proceed more efficiently. GPRS Inc. mapped all conduits running in the concrete of the three trenches that were being cut out that evening. Since ground sonar technology provides the technician with live feed data he was able to make out the conduits as he found them, so the job could stay on schedule. 

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems uses the latest ground x-raying technology and GPRS technicians are also thoroughly trained to operate and analyze the equipment and data to ensure the most accurate information possible. GPRS Inc. can perform a concrete imaging survey in any part of: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Colorado.


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