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Electrical Conduit Found in
Brighton, Colorado using GPR

Locating conduits in concrete slabGPRS, Inc. of Denver, Colorado recently mobilized to the Quest Exchange in Brighton, Colorado to examine a concrete slab. Howell construction was cutting a hole through the slab in order to run new data lines. There is always concern of impediments in the concrete floor when saw cutting but especially in a telephone exchange station. Sure enough a conduit was found to be running directly through the proposed saw cutting area. The GC was able to move the penetration in order to miss any utilities in the concrete floor.

GPR Technology (sometimes called concrete x-ray or sonar) was used by the Ground Penetrating Radar Systems technician to locate an electrical conduit in this situation but GPR is also capable of locating rebar, Post Tensioning, pipes and much more. To schedule a concrete image survey in Brighton, Fort Morgan, Sterling or Brush by using Ground Radar please call us at 303.945.5415 or email us at

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