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Private Utility Locate of Field - Denver, Colorado

Private Utility Locate of Field - Denver, Colorado

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. was contacted by a contractor to locate all utilities field prior to moving excavating. GPRS was able to use a RD 8000 to locate known and unknown utilities and a 400 MHz Antenna to. GPRS was successful in mapping all known and unknown utilities to help keep the customer from excavating potential electric, plumbing, and gas lines. GPRS specializes in using all methods available to help locate any of the known and unknown utilities on a property.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems uses safe and cost effective methods to conduct non-destructive testing investigations. Ground Penetrating Radar is safe to be around while concrete imaging is taking place, emitting no radiation unlike concrete x-ray. GPRS also can provide concrete imaging investigations on large or small areas to locate post-tension cables, rebar. GPR can also provide locates to find underground storage tanks, plumbing or electrical conduits and voids. If you need a similar concrete imaging scan done on your job site please feel free to contact Kevin Salazar (Project Manager) at 720-498-3834 or at

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