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UST Search Utilizing GPR and Radio Detection - Denver, CO

An environmental company recently hired GPRS to locate UST’s as well as utilities at this place of business that restores old cars in Denver CO. The UST’s and utilities needed to be located so that the environmental company could perform soil borings prior to the area being redeveloped. GPRS used a 4000 MHz antenna to search the property for any underground storage tanks (UST’s) that may have been left on the property by previous owners. In addition to scanning for UST’s, GPRS also used GPR to locate any unknown utilities that were under the surface. For this project, in addition to scanning the area with GPR, we utilized a RD7000 (Radio Detection Device) in both active and passive modes to locate the utility lines.

After scanning the area, we determined that there were several underground power conduits and two gas lines on the property. By having GPRS scan the area prior to excavation, the contactor was able to keep their project safe, and on time.

GPRS Scans for Underground Storage Tank – Denver, CO

It is always in good habit to contact GPRS to locate all utilities on your property prior to starting any size excavating project. GPRS helps to create a safe working environment on all construction sites. GPRS is also located in pretty much all of the major cities and states across the U.S. So, next time you need utilities located in Colorado or Wyoming please feel free to contact our Denver office at 303-775-8270. You can also contact GPRS Project Manager, Troy Bullock at 720-688-1362 or email him at

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