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The Lodge at Vail, Colorado Concrete Scan

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of ColoradoWhen there was concern over hitting post tension cables in Vail, Colorado, S.R.E. Builders contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Colorado to do the locate. One of the units in The Lodge at Vail was being renovated and 3 new penetrations needed to be cut in the tensioned concrete floor. GPRS easily located the cables in the floor so the project could continue.

The Lodge at Vail has year round tenants that could not be moved, so radiation was not an option when scanning the concrete. Concrete imaging was the only way that would be possible to locate the post tension tendons in Vail. Radar emits absolutely no radiation while scanning for the cables and conduits in concrete. GPRS of Colorado is able to perform a survey of this type in Vail, Breckenridge, Steamboat Springs, Aspen, Frisco and Edwards, Colorado. Please contact GPRS of Colorado with any questions you may have at 303.945.5415 or


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