Colorado Concrete Scanning and Utility Locating Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora

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GPRS Locates Rebar
and Conduits in Boulder, Colorado

When JHL Constructors needed to locate reinforcement during a renovation in Boulder, CO they called
in Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Colorado. Willard Hall on the campus of Colorado University
was undergoing renovations that required the coring and saw cutting of concrete. Prior to the cutting,
the campus facilities department required the contractor to x ray all locations in order to map the
location of rebar and conduits.

Rebar and conduits were mapped out in all locations were a core drill was to take place such as
rest rooms, shower areas and offices.

Several conduits and pipes were found in the basement slab on grade by using the concrete imaging
data. The location of the impediments were plotted directly on the surface of the concrete. The data
being plotted in this manner assists in the safety of the saw operator.

Ground Penetrating Radar is increasing in use across the United States. It is referred to by different
names such as: concrete imaging in Denver, concrete scanning in Boulder, GPR in Colorado Springs, x-
ray in Grand Junction and sonar in Aspen, Colorado.


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