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GPRS Locates Post Tension Cables
- Fort Collins, CO

GPRS Locates Post Tension Cables In Fort Collins, CO

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was recently contacted by Drahota Commercial of Fort Collins, Colorado to locate tension cables at the Presidio Apartments in Fort Collins. The customer was installing new hand rails below stair wells to meet ADA requirements. They needed to be assured that before drilling there holes that they were not going to strike any tension cables. They decided to use Ground Penetrating Radar Systems to accomplish this task.

GPRS Locates Post Tension Cables In Fort Collins, CO xray, x-ray

GPRS uses the best equipment that the industry has to offer to do all there scanning. They use the latest GPR equipment available provided by GSSI. GPRS uses a 1600MHz antenna to do the majority of their concrete work. Ground Penetrating Radar does not emit any harmful radiation as with typical x-ray. It is safe to work around, and there is no need to clear an area in order for the technician to complete their work. GPRS is the new way to x-ray.

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