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GPRS Locates Rebar for IMI at Lockheed Martin
in Littleton, Colorado

Rebar was mapped out for IMI Steel at the Littleton, Co Lockheed Martin facility during a recent project. Steel plates were being anchored to the wall by using through bolts and rebar was not permitted to be cut during the process.

Locates Rebar

The technician on site was able to map the rebar by using GPR on both sides of the concrete wall so that the General Contractor had all the needed information. The walls were over two feet in thickness. Dozens of bolt locations were able to be scanned via sonar in a matter of hours.

Mapped Rebar

The Mountain Region of Ground Penetrating Radar Systems includes the cities of Omaha NE, Kansas City MO, Denver CO, Salt Lake City UT, Albuquerque NM and Phoenix AZ. Please contact GPRS to find your local rep when there is a need to locate rebar, post tension tendons, conduits, sub surface air voids and more.


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