Colorado Concrete Scanning and Utility Locating Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora

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GPRS Maps Location of
Reinforcement in Pueblo, Colorado

Location of ReinforcementGround Penetrating Radar Systems of Denver recently completed a project at the Colorado State University – Pueblo. The general contractor was concerned about hitting rebar when drilling through the floor for mechanical penetrations and need to know where the steel was located. The technician on site was able to clearly mark the exact location of the rebar in concrete –top and bottom mats. When you need to x-ray concrete in Colorado cities such as Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Pueblo scanning the concrete in this way has many benefits.

Ground Penetrating Radar (sometimes called imaging, sonar or scanning) is able to collect large areas of data and plot them onto the surface in a very timely manner. NO radiation of health hazards are related to the use of GPR so it is safe to use in active educational buildings, office buildings, airports, hospitals and just about anywhere that cannot afford an area to be cleared out for radiation.

To schedule a similar survey in areas such as Denver, Kansas City, Omaha, Columbia, Des Moines or Wichita please contact GPRS.



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