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GPRS Used by Golden Triangle Construction
in Louisville, Colorado

Reinforcing ConcreteGround Penetrating Radar Systems of Denver was called to assist on a project in Louisville at a Medical Building. During the remodel of the facility the contractor was installing new MRI equipment and needed to verify the reinforcement that was located within an existing concrete slab. GPRS mobilized quickly to the site and began the concrete scanning process.

Information was needed that included the spacing of reinforcement as well as the size
and depth of the bar. The technician on site imaged the area in less than two hours and was able to give a map and all of the other essential information for the project
to continue.

Concrete Imaging with GPRS, is a great tool for this kind of survey as a well as many other applications. Radar can locate rebar in concrete, post tensioning in slabs, and conduits within and below concrete. Our Denver Colorado office is able to perform locates anywhere in Colorado including Aurora, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Greeley, Steamboat Springs and Aspen.


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