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GPR Works With Plumbing Contractor
- Greenwood Village, Colorado

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was contacted by Integrated Plumbing of Centennial Colorado to locate reinforcement and conduits in a post tension slab. The contractor was installing new plumbing fixtures and needed to cut the concrete to install the piping for venting and drains. The customer needed to make sure they were not going to strike any conduits or reinforcement. GPRS of Denver was able to mobilize and locate all items in the slab before core drills were performed.

GPR Works With Plumbing Contractor- Greenwood Village, Colorado

The job site was active and the building was occupied by tenants, therefore traditional x-ray was not ideal for this application. GPR emits no harmful radiation and is completely safe for people to be around and below. That made sonar a great alternative for the customer so that they did not have to vacate the premises, or do the imaging after hours. This allowed them to stay on schedule with there project.

In addition to locating conduits and reinforcement in Greenwood Village Colorado, we offer other non-destructive services. They include locating air voids in Aurora, or clearing for boring locations in Wyoming, or testing concrete thickness in Boulder. To schedule a survey contact your local representative Adam Rock at 303.775.8270.

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