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Ground Radar To Locate Private Utilities Lines - Denver, CO

Ground Radar To Locate Private Utilities Lines - Denver, CO

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was contacted by a local environmental company in Denver, CO. The private utility investigation was requested to locate electrical, fiber and other and other unknown targets. The environmental company needed locates prior to core drilling boring locations to test the soil contaminants. This job was at a cell tower site. There were many visible utilities going underground. GPRS was able to mobilize and scan the requested area in a timely manner.

GPRS used a Radio Detection Device to direct connect and mark out known traceable utilities ie. Fiber optics, electrical and gas in the immediate area. The fiber line was in a PVC conduit with no tracer wire GPRS was able to put a fish steel in the conduit and trace it back to the utility shed. GPRS was then able to trace out all existing buried gas and electrical lines by sending signal through the conduit or tracer wire and using a receiver to mark them out in yellow and red paint. GPRS was then able to walk passively and detect live power feeds and other unknown buried hazards. Walking passively allows us to find any utilities or possible abandoned pipes. GPRS also used a 400MHz Ground Penetrating Radar Antenna. This antenna allows us to verify depths of any hazards marked out with Radio Detection and find any unknown utilities or hazards. This antenna is sonar technology that emits a signal and reflects back when a target has been found. This gives us the opportunity to mark a depth of our findings and a more precise location of utilities.

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As the customer completed their boring, GPRS was able to stick around at the job site to assist the customer to make sure no utilities were hit while they were drilling borings. This private utility investigation was successful in keeping all the contractors safe as they drilled to investigate contaminated soils. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems Inc. is contacted on a daily basis to help other companies like this environmental consulting company. In fact, GPRS helps other trades such as general contractors, pipeline projects, wind-farm projects, electrical contractors and plumbing contractors nationwide. Call us prior to starting your project to help you avoid any job-site injuries or expensive downtimes. GPRS specializes in finding hazardous targets prior to any excavations or soil borings. GPRS also performs utility locates, UST investigations, and void mapping all over Colorado and Wyoming. Contact your local GPRS project manager today for a quote or for more information on the services that we provide today.

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