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Post Tension Tendons Located Prior to Core Drilling - Fort Collins, CO

The Facilities Management Department at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Colorado to locate PT cables for a renovation of and auditorium on Campus. The New seats that were being installed were going to create the need to core drill the floor to run electrical to the seats. The Facilities personnel found the drawings of the room showed post tension tendons running through the floor.

It is very important for active Universities, High School, Airports, Hospitals, and Office Buildings to be able to continue with daily activities – Radiation emitted from traditional the x-raying of concrete in Fort Collins is not a viable option. GPR (ground sonar, concrete scanning) is the perfect tool for this project as the technology does not emit any radiation or harmful emissions. A cell phone emits 100x more than GPR! 

The technician on site was able to easily locate all of the pt tendons in the slab and marked them on the surface. The data was marked directly on the surface with no wasted time on developing films.

Ground Penetrating Radar is frequently used to investigate concrete pours, rebar spacing, and more. GPRS would be happy to map the location of rebar in Denver, locate tendons prior to core drilling in Colorado Springs, locate underground utilities prior to excavation in Grand Junction and determine the location of electrical conduits before saw cutting in Kansas City. Please contact Jason Schaff at or 303.945.5415.


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