Colorado Concrete Scanning and Utility Locating Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora

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PT Locate Prior to Drilling in Cherry Creek, Denver

The Gordon Sign Company needed to install a sign for an office building in the Cherry Creek area and were concerned about striking any electrical conduits that may be in the concrete slab. They contacted GPRS to scan the area for any conduits. The slab was actually the top deck of a parking structure inside of an area used for plants. The plants/stones/dirt was cleared out to expose the concrete for the scan. The technician on site did not find any conduits within the concrete but the trip was not a waste. The slab contained post tension cables within the concrete that could have had severe damage caused if drilling had occurred. The cables were marked out so that the sign base plate could be designed to miss all of the reinforcement when drilling.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems tech's are trained to be able to know the difference between rebar and other dangerous impediments such as conduits in concrete, pipes underground, post tensioned slabs and more. GSSI GPR (concrete scanning, concrete imaging, sonar) 1500 MHz antennas are often used to find reinforcement in Pueblo, conduits in concrete or under slab in Grand Junction, sub surface voids in Greeley and analyze the contents inside of CMU walls in Boulder, Colorado.


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