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GPR Post Tension Cable Scan of Concrete Slabs - Denver, CO

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was contacted by a local general contractor in Denver, CO. The concrete imaging scans that were requested were to locate post tension cables, electrical conduit (smurf tube) and other reinforcements. The general contractor requested this scan prior to core drilling through an 8” concrete slab so that a new bathroom group could be added at the site they were working at. GPRS was able to mobilize and scan the requested area in within 24 hours after being called.

The general contractor had hired a GPR company and an x-ray company prior to calling GPRS but, the contractor felt that they were not provided with results that they could count on. As a result of this negative experience, the contractor was reluctant to use a Ground Penetrating Radar or an x-ray service for this particular project. However, after hearing about the proven track record of GPRS, our experience and the accurate scanning results that we are able to provide to our customers, the contractor decided to enlist the help of The Experts in GPR: GPRS of Colorado to scan at this particular project. The contractor had GPRS scan and locate reinforcement in columns so that they could then attach plates to hold a mezzanine level. After arriving on-site, GPRS offered a sample area to the contractor to help reassure them with the accuracy of GPR on post tension slabs. The contractor was more than satisfied with the results that Kevin Salazar provided and the contractor then requested to have the remainder of the areas of question to be scanned. While on site, GPRS of Colorado also investigated 2 areas that had been previously marked out by another GPR company.

GPR Post Tension Cable Scan of Concrete Slabs Denver, CO
The photo above shows what the previous GPRS company had marked onto the concrete slab. The company had used white chalk to signify the locations of reinforcements and conduit lines.


Post Tension Cable Scan Denver
As you can see in the photo above, to help the contractor to differentiate between the results of our scan and the previous markings of the GPR service that had been previously been hired, Project Manager Kevin Salazar used a different color of markings (black crayon) to mark the results of our scan onto the concrete slab.

GPRS scans, interprets the data, and then plots all findings directly on the surface so that the customer can see all the contents inside the concrete slab and determine where it is safe to drill. GPR itself cannot identify the difference between types or sizes of reinforcements and conduit; this is based on interpretation of the GPR data. All GPRS project managers specialize in using GPR, and they have the experience and training that allows them to interpret GPR scan results and make professional recommendations to our customers based on the results of our scans.

GPR Scanning of Concrete Denver
GPRS was also able to mark out several bundles of cables as drawn out in the photo above. These marking are drawn based of the size of anomalies that are shown on the display of our GPR equipment. GPRS marked out the bundles of cables extra wide due to the fact that this is the actual size of the bundle.

GPRS was also able to locate 2 negative reactions during the scan, which likely represented air pockets (PVC) or electrical “smurf” tube running on an angle through both scans.

If you need a similar scan on your job site in the Denver Metro area, please feel free to contact Kevin Salazar (Project Manager) by phone at 720-498-3834 or by e-mail at

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