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Post Tension Cables Located By GPRS
- Greenwood Village, Colorado

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was contacted recently by Regency Electric of Englewood Colorado to locate tension cables at an office building in Greenwood Village Colorado. The customer was installing new floor boxes for a tenant and needed to verify the location of cables before proceeding with installation. They needed to be assured that while drilling holes that they were not going to strike any tension cables. They decided to use concrete imaging provided by Ground Penetrating Radar Systems to accomplish this task.Post Tension Cables Located By GPRS In Greenwood Village, Colorado

The office building that the contractor was remodeling was still occupied by other tenants and active; therefore GPR was ideal for this project because ground penetrating radar only needs access to one side of the concrete. All readings can be done from one side without having to disrupt the tenants around where the work was being performed. GPRS is the new way to x-ray.

GPRS can not only locate post tension cables in office buildings in Greenwood Village Colorado, we offer other non-destructive testing such as locating rebar in dorm rooms in Boulder Colorado, or locating utilities before doing boring for soil samples in Colorado Springs. In addition to our local Denver office Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. is local in Phoenix, AZ. To set up an appointment today contact your local representative Adam Rock at 303.775.8270.

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