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Post Tension Cables Located in Denver, CO

The Cheese Steak Connection on Market Street near Coors Field was about to embark on an expansion of the restaurant and needed to install new bathrooms and kitchen areas. The locations that needed to be cored were on a post tensioned concrete slab and needed to have a layout of the cables prior to any core drilling took place.

The bathroom layouts and kitchen layouts were to be determined after the technician from GPRS of Denver performed the imaging of the concrete. The Legacy Construction Company of Colorado laid out several large areas where the possibility of coring could take place. The technician laid out all of the post tension tendons in the areas and marked the findings on the surface of the concrete.

To have post tension cables, tendons or strands marked out in the cities of Denver, Aurora, Fort Collins, Vail, Aspen or Steamboat Springs, CO please contact Ground Penetrating Radar Systems at 303.945.5415.

Post Tension Cables Located in Denver, CO

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