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Post Tension Locating at Cesar Chavez Building
in Denver, Colorado

Locating Rebar and CablesA-1 Glass Inc. has hired Ground Penetrating Radar Systems to locate rebar and post tensioning at the Cesar Chavez project in Denver, CO. In order to anchor into the concrete beams to hang the new window units, all rebar and cables had to be located. This space was an active office space so the process required that no radiation or buffer area was created. GPR produces NO radiation.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems is able to perform locates in Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Greeley, Boulder and Aurora for concrete scanning, imaging, x-ray and locate services.

For projects in the Colorado area contact Jason Schaff

Post Tension Locating Concrete Post Tensioning
Locate Rebar in Concrete Beams  






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