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Radar Locates Utility at Peterson AFB
- Colorado Springs, CO

C & L Water Solutions needed to locate a buried line at Peterson Air Force Base but due to the high security on the base they were not allowed to use traditional locate methods like tracer wires or lifting up man holes. Tracing the pipe using equipment like Radio Detection was not allowed on base so other methods of locating the utility were needed.

Ground Penetrating Radar is can be used to locate buried utilities and other anomalies. The Technician on site was able to quickly scan the area and interpret the data. The results of GPR utility locate are in real time.

The utility was mapped on the surface of the concrete in a matter of minutes. GPRS is a great way to locate utilities underground in Colorado Springs when traditional methods either won’t work or aren’t allowed. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. of Colorado is able to find conduits in Pueblo, Locate gas lines in Lakewood and map the location of other utilities in Fort Collins, CO.

GPRS Mountain Region is based in Denver but has regional offices in Albuquerque, Kansas City, Omaha, Phoenix and Salt Lake City. Call to schedule a survey today!



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