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Rebar Mapped at Colorado University Campus at Boulder

Concrete imaging in ColoradoEngineers called for the general contractor at CU Boulder to miss most of the rebar when coring through floors at the University Memorial Center on Campus. Ground Penetrating Radar was used to image the concrete by scanning in all coring areas and mapping the location of the rebar.  Because the building is a cultural center and an active student cafeteria the option of using traditional cobalt x-ray to see through the up to 13” floor was not a possibility. GPR or concrete imaging the floors was the only real choice.

Sonar was used to scan concrete for this project and map 50+ locations prior to core drilling. To schedule a concrete image survey in Boulder, Loveland, Longmont, Fort Collins or Estes Park, Colorado by
using Ground Radar call us at 303.945.5415 or email
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