Colorado Concrete Scanning and Utility Locating Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora

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Rebar Locating at Water World Water Park - Denver, CO

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Denver Chapter assisted on a project at Water World Water Park near Thornton and Denver, Colorado. A new Water Roller Coaster ride was being constructed, and new holes needed to be cored to get the pump system operational.

Rebar Locating

The technician on site was able to image several concrete areas to map the location of reinforcement prior to core drilling. The structural engineer on the project was concerned with cutting rebar during the coring process, so all reinforcement was clearly marked on the surface.

Mapping Rebar

The concrete imaging process was perfect for this project. Ground Penetrating Radar was used so that work on the job site could continue as planned because personnel did not have to be moved due to the radiation that concrete x-ray would have emitted.

Imaging Concrete

To schedule a similar non-destructive concrete investigation in the Denver Metro area please contact Regional Director Jason Schaff at 303-945-5415 or

GPRS can also provide concrete scanning in other parts of Colorado such as rebar locates in Grand Junction, Utility Locating in Greeley, Post Tension Locating in Colorado Springs, Scanning of Pre Cast walls and beams in Aurora and surrounding states.


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