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Rebar Locating in Vail, Colorado

When the contents of a structural slab are unknown, GPRS is your source to provide answers to what lies below the surface of the concrete. GPRS was able to quickly detemine the layout of the reinforcement of the ceiling and give an estimate of the rebar size.

Rebar Locating

GPR was perfect for this project for a few reasons. First, no radiation is emitted. Adjacent tenants and construction personnel did not have to be moved from the area. Also, GPR is able to scan on ceilings. There was no access in this case to scan from the top of the slab. Finally, the data can be marked directly marked on the surface in real time so a structural engineer could analyze the data.

Rebar Scanning

Call GPRS today for your concrete imaging project in Vail, Aspen, Steamboat Springs or Grand Junction.

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