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Reinforcement Located Before Cutting Concrete Near Denver, COReinforcement Located Before Cutting
Concrete Near Denver, CO

GPRS was contacted recently by Engineered Demolition of Denver Colorado to locate reinforcement and conduits in a concrete slab. The customer was cutting a very large hole in the concrete to install a new CRAC unit (computer room air conditioner) in the basement. They needed to cut a hole in the floor due to the fact that the unit would not fit in the elevator. Before cutting the hole the customer chose to have the concrete imaged using ground penetrating radar to verify the location of conduits and reinforcement. They needed to be assured that while cutting the hole that they were not going to strike anything in the slab. They decided to use Ground Penetrating Radar Systems to accomplish this task.

reinforcement scanning servicesThe area that the customer was cutting was an area of slab that currently only had access to one side of the slab. GPR was ideal for this project because GPR only needs access to one side of the slab. Unlike traditional x-ray which needs access to both sides of slab, ground penetrating radar can perform all their work with access to only one side of the slab. The technician was able to image the concrete quickly and efficiently so that the customer could still meet their schedule. GPR is the new way to x-ray.

GPRS can not only locate conduits and reinforcement, we offer other non-destructive testing such as locating post tension cables in apartments in Denver, or finding underground storage tanks (UST’s) in Loveland, Colorado. GPRS also has an office in Tucson, Arizona for your concrete imaging needs. Call your local representative Adam Rock at 303.775.8270 to schedule an appointment today.


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