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Site Survey Using Radar in Edwards, Colorado

SLA Environmental Services of Plano, Texas recently hired Ground Penetrating Radar Systems to assist in the mapping of any anomalies under the surface in Edwards, Colorado. There were several areas of concern prior to future construction that needed to be cleared up prior to construction. The site was formerly a gas station/service station site that had underground tanks, above ground tanks and underground piping.

The technician on site in Edwards was able to find several areas that appeared to be buried tanks as well as multiple areas that showed the existence of underground pipes. The radar was able to locate these items in a timely manner as well as give a depth to each anomaly. GPR is a great tool to locate underground tanks, buried drums and utilities in Steamboat Springs, Vail, Winter Park, Evergreen and Snowmass, Colorado.

A large percentage of our work deals with assisting in the detection of finding underground utilities. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a scanning technique that is increasing in popularity in the State of Colorado.

GPR 400 MHz antennas are often used to find underground buried utilities in Edwards, underground storage tanks (UST) in Avon, sub surface voids in Eagle and buried conduits in Aspen, Colorado.




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