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Slab on Grade Concrete Pipe / Conduit Locate
in Aurora, Colorado

Tolin Mechanical has hired Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. of Denver, Colorado to assist on a project in Aurora, CO at the Via West Facility. The contractor needed to saw cut a section of concrete out in order to place new drain lines. There was concern over water lines and electrical lines running in or below the slab on grade. This facility’s purpose is to store critical data and files. An interruption of power or loss of data was not an option for this project, so GPRS was called in to locate any possible obstructions.

Locating Concrete Pipe

The technician on site was able to locate several water lines that were running below the surface. They were marked on the surface for clear interpretation. The results of the concrete imaging in Aurora, Co also produced some extra beneficial results. The scan revealed a vent pipe that the contractor was able to tie into in the upgrade.

Concrete Imaging

Call GPRS today to locate conduits in Denver, find underground pipes in Fort Collins, map post tension cables in Golden, and layout rebar placement in Boulder. Ground Penetrating Radar technology is often referred to as sonar, radar, x-ray, GPR, concrete imaging and concrete scanning.

Conduit Locate


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