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Conduit Locate Before Saw Cutting - Highlands Ranch, CO

Colorado Sub Surface Conduits FoundHyder Construction recently hired GPRS of Denver to scan a slab on grade area to determine the location of any conduits or other utilities. The job site was the VISA call center in Highlands Ranch, CO so it was crucial to maintain the functionality of the building. The contractor was planning to saw cut the floor to install new plumbing components and was concerned about the safety of the saw operator due to the electrical room next to the saw cutting area.

The Ground Penetrating Radar technician was able to image the concrete prior to cutting and located 5 conduits directly below the surface. They results were mapped directly on the surface. The technician was also able to notate that all 5 conduits contained live power.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC of Denver, Colorado is able to perform GPR scans like these anywhere in the state or Colorado or Wyoming. This includes cities such as: Concrete Imaging in Denver, Post Tension mapping in Colorado Springs, rebar locating in Boulder and conduit scanning in Cheyenne or Laramie. To schedule a GPR scan, contact us today.

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