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Electrical Line Locate in Boulder, Colorado

Encore Electric of Englewood, Colorado needed to relocate a duct bank on the campus of the University of Colorado at Boulder. The trench was in the path of three different tunnels that go through the campus. Encased in the tunnels were electrical lines that needed to be avoided when coring through the tunnels. Encore called Ground Penetrating Radar Systems to mobilize to the site and map out the location of the electrical lines. The lines were mapped out using GPR  technology. To verify the results Radio Detection was used to confirm the presence of electrical current. All four concrete scanning locations were mapped within 45 minutes of arriving on site so that the project could continue in a timely manner

Ground Penetrating Radar technology is often confused with concrete x-ray. GPR does not emit any radiation during scanning and is able to clear many coring locations in a short period of time.  Data is received immediately and it can be marked on the surface as well as the depth of any Post-Tension Cables, Rebar or Electrical Conduits.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. of Colorado services the Metro Denver area as well as Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Durango and Pueblo. Jason Schaff can be contacted at 303-945-5415 or if you have any questions about our technology or would like a quote.

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