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Rebar Mapped in Denver by Using Concrete Imaging

GPRS was able to quickly mobilize to the site and mapped out the locationAn office building renovation in Denver, Colorado required the mapping of rebar in the concrete floor before mechanical penetrations were made. The engineers in charge of the site were concerned about the structural integrity of the building if the rebar was damaged, so it was imperative to locate all steel before coring.  They called Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. of Denver, CO to ensure that no rebar was hit in the coring process.

GPRS had an office nearby in Highlands Ranch and was able to quickly mobilize to the site and mapped out the location of the rebar within the concrete slab. The 20x20 area was scanned using GSSI Ground Penetrating Radar equipment. GPRS was called to locate rebar, but also found in the floor were two conduits that ran through the proposed coring areas. The area had to be modified so that the conduits were not struck by the coring. GPR is also frequently used in office settings because it does not use any sort of harmful radiation that would require moving workers or clients during business hours or the necessity of after-hours work.

GPRS of Denver is thrilled to provide services in Denver, Colorado Springs and all areas of Colorado. GPRS of Denver is also able to perform services in the Kansas City, Wichita and Topeka areas if needed. To schedule a service or inquire with questions please contact Regional Director Jason Schaff at 303.945.5415 or send an email to


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