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GPRS Called to Help on Luxury
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GPR Denver - Concrete Scans and
Locating Post-Tension Tendons

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. was contacted by the Westchase Construction, LTD in regards to a project at the Park Avenue Lofts.

The Park Avenue Lofts are located downtown Denver and provide the great views shown above to residents.

Westchase needed to saw-cut the concrete floor in multiple locations on different floors in order to repair water lines. However, they had worries about striking Post-Tension Tendons in the concrete flooring while they were saw-cutting. This is where the use of GPR was needed to come in and map out the areas that needed to be saw-cut and identify any PT-Cables running through the concrete slab. Ground radar is a great method to concrete x-ray in Denver when trying to locate cables, rebar, or conduits within concrete structures.

In these pictures you can see the cable/conduit locations marked out on the surface prior to saw-cutting.

GPRS of Colorado was able to mobilize to the site and while on site any Post-Tension Cables that were located in the concrete floor were marked directly onto the surface.

Because GPR (sometimes called ground sonar or concrete x-ray) data is received in real time, the information of what lies below the concrete can be mapped on the surface immediately.  The contractor was then able to cut around the areas where conduit and pt-cable was located and then go back and chip out concrete around the line to ensure no cables were hit.

If you are worried about striking conduits, rebar or post-tension cables during coring or saw-cutting in Denver, Colorado, contact Ground Penetrating Radar Systems Inc. regional director Jason Schaff at 303-945-5415 or by email at GPRS Colorado can also provide services in Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, Aurora, Lakewood, Englewood, Pueblo, Boulder and Fort Collins.


cable/conduit locations marked out on the surface prior to saw-cutting.

Park Avenue Lofts downtown Denver Colorado

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